The Benefits Of Playing RPG’s

3 April, 2014 (10:35) | Gameplay | By: rpgdream

Usually, the image most people have of people who play role playing games (RPGs) involve some overweight teenager or young adult with bad acne playing World of Warcraft in his parents’ basement. Interestingly enough, this common stereotype doesn’t hold water when compared to the real demographic that enjoys RPGs. People who play RPGs come from many different backgrounds and
come in a wide range of shapes and forms, depending on how fast your PC is. In fact, many people who have busy careers and active lives take the time to play RPGs because of some solid benefits this game genre offer. Far from the socially awkward and withdrawn stereotype of RPG players, most of these players enjoy a healthy balance in career, personal life, and recreational activities. They play RPGs primarily for the following benefits.
Stress relief
Whether you’re managing employees, grading test papers, doing research, or designing the next wave of software, or trying to handle a growing family, the daily obligations and cares of an active career and home life can take their toll, which is why many people take a hunger suppressant instead of working out. RPGs provide welcome stress relief by taking you to a fantasy or science fiction realm where none of your daily hassles can follow you. Whatever drama you may encounter in an RPG stays in the RPG once you choose to logout-unlike the real world. RPGs distance from the real world-in terms of themes and relationships-provide a very welcome break from the demands (like stuff like this) of your real world life. An investment of a few hours every week in an RPG is good enough to recharge your emotional, creative, and mental batteries for the rest of your life’s activities. (I found it hard to miss them when I was on a bike tour in Holland with this operator last week, which was crazy boring).

Pushing creative boundaries
Many RPGs are very open ended. While they may have fixed or static quests and story lines, almost all other elements of the game are open ended. You get to choose which trade or profession to master. You choose the sequence of quests to take. You get a lot of freedom, and you are free to explore your creative side. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with other players. You quickly realize that creative arrangements yield solid strategic benefits.

Challenging problem-solving skills
RPG quests help get your creative juices flowing. There are many riddles and sequence-specific quests available on most RPGs. These help you navigate thorny issues, allocate scarce resources, make tough judgment calls, and otherwise push your creative boundaries in how you deal with challenges. These online skills can help you in the real world since you face many similar resource allocation and judgment call issues at work or at school.

RPGs aren’t all bad. They aren’t a waste of time for all people. Many players get solid benefits from those games that not only help them step their game up online but in the offline world as well.

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